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 Guidelines (Not rules, just stuff to abide by.)

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Guidelines (Not rules, just stuff to abide by.) Empty
PostSubject: Guidelines (Not rules, just stuff to abide by.)   Guidelines (Not rules, just stuff to abide by.) EmptySun Aug 22, 2010 4:54 pm

1. Post stuff where it belongs.

This is self explanatory. We try to cover a lot of different topics with a large variety of forums so use your best judgement when you're posting something. For example, keep anime discussion in the anime board and try to keep it to a minimum in other boards.

2. Try to stay on topic.

This is just common sense, stay on the topic at hand. Obviously, if you feel the need to, you can always make you're own topic.

3. Don't flame. (Don't be an asshole for no reason.)

We're all here to have a good time so please, just try to be a good person. If someone is causing trouble, a mod will take care of it.

4. No link whoring.

Basically, keep your Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, ect. in your sig or in an appropriate topic. And try not to advertise too much.

5. Don't smiley spam.

We have a decent selection of smileys and they are cool but a post full of them gets annoying. Use them sparingly. Guidelines (Not rules, just stuff to abide by.) 917412

6. Don't beg for shit.

Ask us nicely if you want something. If you want something done, send us a PM. There's no need to make a topic for it.

7. Make a reasonable size signature.

We're not going to set a specific pixel limit so use common sense. Having a large image after the end of every post is obnoxious and unnecessary.

8. No illegal shit.

You won't be banned for posting warez, roms, ect. but try not to overdo it. Also, posting explicit images outside of spoiler tags is a bannable offense.

9. Don't be immature.

This goes without saying but use common sense and good judgment when posting. As stated before, we're all trying to have a good time here.

10. Stay coherent.

We won't criticize you for spelling things improperly or using poor grammar, but please make sure we can understand what you're saying. (There's a "Preview" button for a reason.)

11. Don't overuse 2009 memes.

This is a bit of a placebo, but don't overuse stuff like "FAIL" or "LOL EPIC FAIL". Other then that, anything else is acceptable. And remember, when in doubt, Encyclopedia Dramatica.


Any fans whoring Diustin Biber and the like will get a one week banhammah.

13. Try to lurk a little.

Don't just jump in to a board expecting to know everything, this can get annoying with posters who frequent the boards more then you do. The best way to experience the forums is to observe how things work. Watch how other people post and try to get a feeling of how you should post rather then just jumping into random boards.

14. Keep your replies to a minimum.

Making more then one post after another is generally frowned upon. Use the "Edit" button if you need to add on to your previous post.

15. Let other people post.

If you post in a thread every single time someone replies it'll get quite boring. Give other people a chance to post instead of clogging up a thread with only your replies.

16. Be productive to a thread.

Don't post in a topic just because you want to post in it, try to add something to it. Also, at least put a complete sentence in your posts when you make them. And don't reply to a thread with just "okay" or "sure", it adds absolutely nothing to the thread and is just a waste of space.

17. Keep topic making to a minimum.

We don't want 5 threads of yours all over the board. Try to make only 1-4 topics per board every 2 days or so.

18. Learn how to use the forum.

There's nothing worse then people asking us how to use the different posting features in a thread. Experiment a little and use the "Preview" button to make sure it's what you want before posting.

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Guidelines (Not rules, just stuff to abide by.)
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